Old City Cemetery Committee, Inc.

Old City Cemetery Committee, Inc.
The Old City Cemetery Committee was organized in 1986 by a group of concerned citizens who were appalled by the ravages of vandalism that toppled and maliciously marred many of the City Cemetery's beautiful old stones and monuments. Disquieted by the years of obvious neglect and mistreatment, they decided to become a voice of concern over the future of this important community resource.

In 1987, the group became a standing committee of the Sacramento County Historical Society. In January of 2003, a new independent nonprofit support group was formed as the Old City Cemetery Committee, Inc. and has been recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as an IRC 501(c)(3) tax-exempt corporation, Tax ID# 06-1674455. The new organization continues its dedication to the restoration, beautification and preservation of this historic burial ground.

With growing public interest for the cemetery, maintenance was improved primarily due to the efforts of many dedicated volunteers, City Staff and Sacramento County Sheriff's Department and its Work Release Project Program. The preservation of this historic landmark is becoming a community concern.

The Cemetery has been refurbished with plants, flowers, and bushes and now also includes three major dedicated garden areas - Historic Gold Rush era roses (Historic Rose Garden, Bruner and Cadwalder areas); Perennial Plants (Hamilton Square Garden); and Native Plants (Native Plant Demonstration Garden).

 The mission of the Old City Cemetery Committee is:

To join hands with the community to restore, beautify, preserve and protect the Historic City Cemetery, while maintaining access by descendants of the deceased, and to provide educational services to all visitors to the Historic City Cemetery of Sacramento.

As the Old City Cemetery Committee, Inc., sets its goals and objectives for the coming years, we are aware of new community priorities, diminishing budgets and the increasing need to preserve our historical focus. Within the last decade, we began a focused effort toward community education, preservation, restoration and beautification of the cemetery and its artifacts. As a recently incorporated foundation, we are building our vision for the coming decades. We will work with the City of Sacramento and other entities to accomplish our goals, including financial assistance if possible.

Following are the goals and objectives of the Old City Cemetery Committee, Inc.

Goal: Preserve all artifacts, records, monuments, headstones and grave markers for the benefit of all visitors and future generations.

  • Continue to create a photographic record of all headstones, monuments and grave markers.

  • Continue to create a damaged grave marker inventory.

  • Continue to designate stones for repair and restoration.

  • Continue to upgrade computer technology to preserve existing records.

  • Evaluate wooden grave markers for replacement and storage.

  • Store and inventory stone fragments and pieces for identification and restoration.

  • Complete electronic storage of records for easier access and preservation of paper records.

Goal: Promote the restoration of cemetery structures and any systems which support the structural integrity of the grounds.

  • Promote the restoration of retaining walls on the west side.

  • Promote the repair all vault structures identified as unsound.

  • Promote the repair of all plot enclosures.

  • Promote the repair and maintenance of all roads and pathways.

  • Repair existing damage to stones, grave markers and monuments in accordance with policies and guidelines adopted by the Board of Directors, Old City Cemetery Committee, Inc.

  • Promote the repair of damage to stones, grave markers and monuments not assumed by the Old City Cemetery Committee, Inc..

Goal: Promote improvements to cemetery grounds to create a safer, cleaner and more pleasing environment.

  • Promote the installation of electrical outlets in designated areas.

  • Promote the installation of a drainage system throughout the Cemetery

  • Promote the installation of permanent restroom facilities.

  • Promote the development of an irrigation program for the entire cemetery.

  • Promote the development of a trash management program in the cemetery.

  • Promote the development of a traffic management and parking program in the cemetery and on Broadway.

  • Promote the development of a Visitor Center to be located near the Broadway entrance.

  • Promote the development of a Museum to house funeral/cemetery artifacts.

  • Promote the development of additional office space and a research center.

Goal: Promote the improvement of existing security measures and the creation of new methods to ensure cemetery artifacts and grounds will be protected.

  • Promote the improvement of general lighting, such as increased wattage, flood lights on the perimeter and sensor lights in key locations.

  • Evaluate and make recommendations on city policies on cemetery security.

  • Identify/work with existing Neighborhood Watch programs.

  • Promote the posting of appropriate signs around the cemetery perimeter.

  • Promote the maintenance and/or removal of selected trees and shrubs which may shield unlawful activities.

  • Promote the installation of on site video surveillance devices.

  • Evaluate current hours of operation for function and adequacy.

Goal: Create an environment of beauty, utility and pleasure for all visitors.

  • Promote the development of a city tree management plan in the cemetery.

  • Monitor and recommend a removal or replacement plan for trees in the cemetery.

  • Work with the City to develop communication and interaction with cemetery staff.

  • Develop guidelines for what may be planted.

  • Develop guidelines for the use of herbicides, pesticides and rodenticides to ensure chemicals are carefully used .

  • Evaluate the effects of certain trees and other plantings on gravestones and enclosures which hamper marker visibility and schedule their removal or trimming.

  • Promote the repair and/or replacement of damaged decorative iron fences and enclosures.

Goal: Provide ongoing interpretative, educational programs for visitor edification and enjoyment.

  • Create an intern program with local colleges for continuing interpretative programs.

  • Investigate possible grants for student interns working on cemetery projects.

  • Continue to develop a corps of active, involved volunteers in cemetery activities.

  • Implement a historic marker and plaque program.

  • Continue to develop fundraising events

  • Continue to publish books, brochures, pamphlets, etc., regarding cemetery history and about those interred in the cemetery.

  • Continue the development of the Old City Cemetery Committee, Inc., website in furtherance of all Committee goals.

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