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California Native Plant Society Demonstration Garden

About the garden.The California Native Plant Demonstration Garden is located in the southeast corner of the Sacramento Historic City Cemetery, along Riverside Blvd. Since January 1997, our goal is to show our visitors that California native plants can not only be drought tolerant, but that they are also beautiful and can be incorporated into the home landscape. When you visit the garden, you will discover and learn about plants and grasses that can be lawn substitutes, that attract wildlife and beneficial insects, have medicinal and cultural uses and that are also edible! River friendly natives and Arboretum All-Stars can also be found here.

Since the garden is located in a historic cemetery, you will find some non-native plants in the Demonstration Garden that have been planted and are maintained by family members. However, the majority of the plants in this area are California natives. We have over 125 species of native plants from numerous California regions.

Some of our favorite plants include the early spring bloomers such as the Ray Hartman Ceanothus and western redbud. Other stunning natives include the mid- to late-spring blooms of our sage collection, a variety of summer-blooming California fuchsias, our bee-attracting California buckwheats, and our fall-blooming asters and goldenrods. Wildlife is always abundant in our garden and on any given day, you may catch sight of a red-breast sapsucker, Anna's hummingbird, American goldfinch, dark-eyed juncos, black or gold carpenter bees, and numerous native solitary bees.


Volunteers.Volunteer garden maintenance and management occurs on Sundays from 10am until about noon, depending on the weather (rain cancels our garden workdays). If you would like to volunteer in the Demonstration Garden, please call/RSVP Sabrina Okamura-Johnson at (916) 929-7896 or Cassandra Nguyen Musto at (916) 374-8116 by 1 pm Saturday. You can also email cnpsgarden@gmail.com. We need to confirm date and time with you before you come out. Wear garden appropriate clothes and shoes and a sunhat. Bring garden tools if you have them, but we have tools to loan if you need to borrow some. Refreshments are provided when the refreshment lady is well-prepared. Be prepared to have fun learning about native plants while digging in the dirt!


Wish List. All of our work is provided by volunteers and supplies are paid with donations. If you would like to make a donation, they can be made payable to the California Native Plant Society-Sacramento Valley Chapter. Put "Demonstration Garden" in the "For" line. Or in-kind donations can also be made. Right now, we are accepting bags of cement and mortar. These donations help us pay for our tours, events, refreshments for volunteers, plants and allow us to continue upkeep of the cemetery. Please contact Sabrina or Cassandra about making donation arrangements.

More Information.We also have tours and events throughout the year. If you would like more information about the California Native Plant Demonstration Garden, you can call one of the Garden Coordinators at the numbers above or visit us at: www.sacvalleycnps.org and follow the links to the Demonstration Garden page. You can also find us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/CaliforniaNativePlantGarden. "Like" us and tell all of your friends!

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