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Sacramento Historic City Cemetery is located on Broadway at 10th Street, between Muir Way and Riverside Boulevard in Sacramento, California.

On RT Metro
Bus lines 2, 51 and 53 from downtown. 
Stop at the main gate on 10th Street and Broadway.

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Historic City Cemetery
Points of Interest

1.  John A. Sutter, Jr.               1826‑1897
Although his father built the fort and established an empire called New Helvetia, the credit for planning and founding the city of Sacramento in 1848 goes to John Jr. A disagreement with his father over the town would cause him to leave in 1850. He died in Acapulco, Mexico, in 1897.

2.  Hardin Bigelow               1809‑1850
Arriving in San Francisco in February of 1849 on the Mail Steamer "California," his was the first ship to reach California from the East Coast bringing miners to the Gold Fields. Bigelow is credited with building Sacramento's first levee system and becoming its first elected mayor in 1850.

3.  Newton Booth               1825‑1892
Lawyer, merchant, politician. This native of Indiana became one of our state's most artful statesmen. He was elected State Senator in 1862, California's eleventh governor in 1872, and United States Senator in 1873. His business firm, Booth & Company, was located on Front Street, between J and K.


4.  General George Wright               1801‑1865
A graduate of West Point in 1822, his battlefield gallantry earned him commendations; from the Seminole War in Florida, to the Mexican War, to the Indian Campaigns in the Pacific Northwest. His loyalty to the Union also earned him President Lincoln's appointment as Military Commander of         the entire Pacific Coast during the Civil War.

5.  Old Wooden Headboard               Circa 1876
One of the few remaining examples of carved headboards left in City Cemetery. Wood, very plentiful and far less costly, was an alternative to expensive marble and granite stones At one time there were thousands of headboards in the cemetery. Today, only a few have survived.

6.  Edwin Bryant Crocker               1818‑1875
Lawyer, politician, patron of the arts. Although remembered primarily for his passion for art and building the finest art gallery west of the Mississippi, he was also a Justice on California's State Supreme Court (1863) and Chief Counsel for the Central Pacific Railroad Company (1864‑1869).

7.  High Point in The Cemetery
The highest point in this cemetery may also be the highest elevation in Sacramento. During the flood of 1861 the cemetery served as a safe haven from high waters. Hundreds of tents were described as being visible on its hills.

8.  Jesse Haycock               ‑1850
Arriving here in 1849, Haycock, a native of Boston, Massachusetts , was a victim of the cholera epidemic that claimed nearly a thousand lives in Sacramento in 1850. He died October 26.


9.  Mark Hopkins               1815‑1878
A Forty-Niner, one of railroad's legendary "Big Four" and Treasurer of the Central Pacific Railroad is entombed in this magnificent 350 ton granite structure that dominates the Pioneer Section. He died March 29,1878, and was buried in San Francisco until the completion of his tomb in 1880.

10.  Albert Maver Winn               1810‑1883
Elected to Sacramento's first City Council in 1849 and selected as its President, he was ex-officio the first mayor of Sacramento. But unlike Bigelow, he was not elected directly to the office. He would later (1875) found the Native Sons of the Golden West. His monument is the cemetery's tallest.

11.  William Stephen Hamilton               1797‑1850
The Youngest son of Alexander Hamilton, first Treasurer of the United States. He came to California in 1849 and died here in Sacramento August 7, 1850. He is the cemetery's most restless resident. He died once (1850), was exhumed twice (1877, 1889), and was buried three times in three different locations.

12.  Governor John Bigler               1806‑1871
Elected to California's first legislature in 1849, he became the first Speaker of the Assembly. He was elected this state's third governor in 1852 and re‑elected in 1854, being the only governor to serve more than one term from 1849 until 1939. As governor, he was instrumental in bringing the Capitol here to stay in 1854.


13.  Grand Army Of The Republic Memorial
Dedicated in 1889, the Grand Army Monument is reputed to have been the first Civil War memorial in the state of California.

14.  Capt. James T. Homans, USN               1805‑1849
This is the earliest known burial in the City Cemetery. Capt. Homans died July 20, 1849, and was initially buried in the Tier Grounds, located in the front of the cemetery. When his son died in 1858, Mrs. Homans purchased this lot and had her husband and son buried together. The stone is circa 1858.

15.  Historic Volunteer Firemen's Plot And Bell
Sacramento has the distinction of forming the first Volunteer Fire Company in the state, organizing in February of 1850. The gallant volunteers served until 1872, when a paid Department came on line. The old 1,900 steel fire bell, cast in 1859 in Sheffield, England, came around the Horn and was placed in service in 1863.


  • A.  Administration

  • B.  Mortuary Chapel

  • C.  Albert Driggs Veterans Memorial

  • D.  Battleship Maine Memorial

  • E.  Grand Army Plot No. 2

  • F.   Lt. Lansdale Spanish American War Veterans Memorial

  • G.  Old Volunteer Firemen's Plot

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