Old City Cemetery Committee, Inc. - Adopt A Plot Program Guidelines

General Guidelines for Working in the Cemetery

A. All work beyond routine maintenance to be undertaken in your adopted plot must be reported to the City staff.

B. Report to the City staff, with a copy to the Old City Cemetery Committee, any deterioration or damage to existing markers or monuments found in the plot. Damaged markers will be put on a stone repair list and addressed as time and restoration funds permit.

C. Report to the City staff any deterioration to the plot’s brick or granite enclosure. These enclosures will be restored when brick crews are available and according to priority needs.

D. Given the fragile nature of some of these old monuments, special care should be taken in the choice of mechanical equipment and the way it is used.

E. Granite chips, decomposed granite, pea gravel or concrete are not acceptable as ground covers in plots.

F. Any plans for cleaning of monuments or headstones must be reported to the City staff to ensure the proper equipment and materials are used.

G. Plans for reconstruction, repairs or any structural changes must be approved in advance by the City Office. Removal of concrete plot covers is not allowed without permission of the City.

H. Gas powered trimmers, pruners, weed eaters and similar tools are not to be used within the plots.

I. No chemicals, herbicides, insecticides or other sprays are to be used.


Specific Guidelines for Working in the Cemetery

A. Once you have selected your plots, prepare and submit a plan to the City staff for approval.

B. Use only the approved and recommended plant materials. See the list of approved plant materials.

C. Should you wish to use any other plant material not shown on the provided list, please obtain approval from the City staff or the Volunteer Coordinator before listing it on your plot plan.

D. Proper plot maintenance includes the following:
          1. Weeding 2. Watering   3. Fertilizing   4. Pruning

NOTE: The turning of the soil is the responsibility of the adopter.

E. The proper plant materials must be used.

  • See the list of approved and forbidden plant materials.

  • If there is a choice of plant materials, use the dwarf variety.

  • If you wish to use anything other than what is listed, please indicate whatever it is that you have chosen on the back of the contract/application.

  • The adopter will not plant any trees.

F. Work Orders: requests for work by City personnel or Work Release workers must be filled out and submitted to the City staff for action by the weekend City Staff Site Supervisor. As there are many volunteers and requests, it could be several weeks before your project is attended to. If you feel you have an emergency/priority request, please explain.

H. Work Release Project: Each weekend in the cemetery there are 50-100 workers from the Sheriff’s Work Project Program (a jail alternative program). There are usually two Deputies supervising them. At times an additional bus load of workers may arrive. Volunteers are not to give orders directly to these persons. Be pleasant and courteous, but any orders, requests, etc. should be through the City staff, unless you are assigned specific workers. In this case, please clarify with the Deputies your responsibilities and limitations.

I. Parking: Parking in the lot across the street is preferred, but parking in the cemetery near your plot is allowed. However, your vehicle must be entirely off the road, and not parked directly across the road from poles, trees, etc. which would further compromise large vehicles such as the dump truck from passing safely. If you park across the street, park on the 10th Street side of the parking lot. The use of this lot is a courtesy extended to us by the owners, so please respect this privilege.

J. Plant sources: Several nurseries (Target, Big Oaks) intermittently donate many plants which are available to all adopters. Look for such plants near the brick building on the west side located near the Archives.

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