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These photos, taken throughout the decades, are from the Old City Cemetery Committee, Inc. archives.

Historic City
Cemetery Entry Gate

Historic City
Cemetery Entry Gate



Hardin Bigelow
b. 1809. d. 1850.
Hardin Bigelow built Sacramento's first levee in 1850 and was the city's first elected mayor.

John Bigler
b. 1806. d. 1871.
John Bigler was the third Governor of California. He signed the bill that made Sacramento the state capital.


Newton Booth
b. 1825. d. 1892.
Newton Booth was a United States senator from 1862-63 and again in 1873. He also was a California Governor from 1872-74.

William C. Brown
b. 1857. d. 1880.
William C. Brown gave his life to save his passengers. He was Sacramento's Casey Jones.


Amos P. Catlin
b. 1823. d. 1900.
Amos P. Catlin was responsible for establishing Sacramento as the state capital.

1880's Cooling Table
Photo by Scott Howe



George Blake Cosby
b. January 19, 1830. d. June 29, 1909.
George Blake Cosby was a Brigadier General in the Confederate States Army


Edwin Bryant Crocker
b. 1818. d. 1875.
Edwin Bryant Crocker Family Plot. Crocker was a California Supreme Court Justice.

Margaret Crocker
Mrs. Crocker was very generous to the city of Sacramento and also the city cemetery.


Charles Duncombe
b. 1792. d. 1867.
Charles Duncombe was one of the earliest physicians in the Sacramento area, 1843.

1880 Portable Embalming Set
Photo by Scott Howe


Pliny P. Green
b. 1808. d. 1850.
Dr. Pliny P. Green was one of the seventeen physicians to die during the Cholera Epidemic of 1850.

Mark Hopkins
b. 1815. d. March 29, 1878.
Mark Hopkins was a railroad tycoon.


William Irwin
b. 1827. d. 1886.
William Irwin was California's thirteenth governor.

The wife of Louis Keseberg, the Donner Party's most infamous member was given a proper marker atop her final resting place.


Reproduction of Abraham Lincoln's Coffin.
Photo by Scott Howe


Sacramento Volunteer Fireman Memorial

Civil War Memorial


Civil War Memorial

Grand Army of the Republic Civil War Memorial


John R. Tiffee
b. 1824. d. 1868. John R. Tiffee drove a herd of cattle from Kentucky to California.

Tilden Family
Famed Mayflower Family.


Albert M. Winn
b. 1810. d. 1833. Albert M. Winn was the first mayor of Sacramento.

May H. Woolsey
b. 1866. d. 1879. May H. Woolsey died of encephalitis. Tour visitors have confirmed that her presence can still be felt, literally by placing ones hand near her grave stone.



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